TVS REGZA Toshiba Smart Home Services TVS REGZA

Getting Started

Before you start

Here are a few things you should have ready before you start setting up your device:

  1. Your Wi-Fi SSID name and password
  2. An Amazon Account ID
  3. The Toshiba Smart Home App installed on your smart device
  4. A convenient location to place your device

※ An Amazon account is used for both signing into the Toshiba Smart Home Services as well as for Amazon Alexa.

Initial Set Up

Click here to see User’s guide.

WiFi Connections

This device connects to your home internet using Wi-Fi 802.11 on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz channels. For security purposes, you should use WPA2 encryption.

Basic instructions

Volume and Mute buttons

There are three buttons on the top of the unit: volume up, volume down, and mute.

Volume up and down are used to increase or decrease the audio volume. After changing the volume, a tone will sound to help you determine the appropriate volume; also the top LEDs will illuminate to show the current volume setting.

The mute button is primarily used to mute the microphone. The mute button turns off the volume to the microphone, it does not turn off the speaker volume. If you turn the mute on, it will not respond to voice input.
In addition, if you are signed into Amazon Alexa, you can initiate Amazon Alexa by pushing and holding the mute button for several seconds (note: mute must be turned off for this function to work).

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Paring button

The button on the back of this device is used for two purposes: pairing a Bluetooth audio player, and restarting the Wi-Fi pairing process.

To pair a Bluetooth audio player, press the back button and release.

To restart the Wi-Fi pairing process, press and hold the back button for several seconds, until the front LED ring begins pulsing white.

Voice Guide

Description Sound Guide
Power on with factory default state "Hello. Please use the Toshiba App to perform initial setup."
Discovering Wi-Fi Access Points "Discovering Wi-Fi networks…"
Wi-Fi setup successful "Connected to Wi-Fi"
Wi-Fi setup failure "I can't find a Wi-Fi connection"
Wi-Fi password was wrong "I can't find a Wi-Fi connection"
Network connection Error "I'm having a trouble connecting to the Internet."

LED Guide

Description Front Ring LED Top LEDs
Power on with factory default state White All LEDs off/on after 2 sec
Discovering Wi-Fi Access Points Slow pulsing Blue Off
Initial Setup in progress Slow pulsing White Off
Configuring Wi-Fi settings Slow pulsing White Off
Wi-Fi setup successful Slow pulsing White Off
Authentication successful White Off
FW Update in progress Slow pulsing white Animated Wiper
FW Update successful White Off
Finish Initial setting. Green Off
Siren is ringing. Fast flashing red Blinking
Listening Cyan Animation Wiper type
Thinking flashing cyan/blue Off
Speaking pulsing cyan/blue Animation Wiper type

Compatible Smart Home devices

Click here to see Z-Wave Web UI User Guide.(pdf, 803KB)

This device can work together with many Smart Home devices that utilize ZigBee or Z-Wave. However, due to industry variations, we cannot assure compatibility with ALL ZigBee or Z-Wave devices.

Error Conditions

Description Front Ring LED Top LEDs
Wi-Fi setup failure Pulsing Yellow ○○○○○○○●
Wi-Fi password was wrong Pulsing Yellow ○○○○○○●●
Network connection General Error Pulsing Yellow ○○○○○○○●
Cannot connect to SSID Pulsing Yellow ○○○○○○●●
Failed to connect to NTP Server Pulsing Yellow ○○○○○●●●
Failed to connect to Smart Home Service Pulsing Yellow ○○○○●●●●
Smart Home Service Authentication failure Pulsing Yellow ○●●●●●●●
FW Update failed Pulsing Red ○○○●●●●●

Security and Privacy